Mar 24, 2012

Friday shopping with mom ^.^

Hello hello ^.^
This is just a short post but I want to blogg it before the weekend starts!

Today I went shopping with my mother. We went to the nearby shopping center Forum K√∂penick. 
My coord:
My mon does not like fancy clothing... but she acceped the hat ^o^
Just basic makup.

I was surprised that the H&M had a completely new design *o* The shop looked totally different. With huge changing rooms!!!
That's importent ^.^

I bought new platform wedges sandals. Kiki and I always wanted to have one of these but we couldn't decide for what model....
No I made the beginning and bought these sandals because the price was reduced and they were the only ones at that H&M.
And I bought a brown bag! I really wanted to have a bag with that design! Now I bought it at C&A for 9€ ^o^
hmmmm....what else did happen?
Oh and I forgot that I bought nice tights last weekend....

And my new lashes arrived ^o^ I bought them on an ebay auction from german sellers. The prices were really ok!
Dolly Wink No.1 and Eyemazing No. 002
I want to try them as soon as possible (^-^)

In the evening I altered Kirschus T-Shirts and made of the rest of her Tamiya-T-shirt a small Tamiya-T-shirt for my Stitch-plushy ^___^° ....sorry for my madness XP

And then I went completely mad and decorated my bathroom with Tamiya-T-shirts (just a joke - the last three aren't Tamiya-T-shirts )... okeee I should go to the madhouse.... I'm jerkey....insane ...

Now it's enough of Tamiya stuff. (rhymes XD)
bye bye followers (I'm so happy to have 21 right now!!!! thank you very much ^o^)
chu~ <3


Hiki said...

aaaaah!!! stich im tamiya shirt wie geil! slljehkwejhg <3<3<3<3

Kiki said...

Aaargh, du Sau! XD
Wechen die Schuhe...
Heute hole ich mir die mit Leo-Print...und die anderen Schwarzen irgendwann *kicher*