Mar 4, 2012

Short report about Japan-journey 2011 [PART 2]

Hello everybody ^o^
Now I want to show you the rest of the journey last summer! We spent the second week in Tokyo

1. arrival and Harajuku
We went with the Shinkansen to Tokyo and we were searching our hotel.... the station next to our hotel was called "Hamamatsucho" but it was so diffucult to find... Shiba Park and Tokyo Tower were our neightbours ^o^
Shiba Park and Tokyo Tower
In the evening we went to Harajuku for the firt time ^o^ I loooove Harajuku
Michi and me on Jingumae-bridge
Takeshita Street
 2. Yokohama
The next day we went to Yokohama. There we found the Pokémon-Center, a huge shopping mall, the Landmark Tower, a small amusement park and we all went rollercoaster ♥ (Michi was sreaming so loudly) and other interesting things^o^
 3. Harajuku -shopping
We spent the whole day in Harajuku and simply went shopping. We visited the Laforet Harajuku and I bought something at "Angelic Pretty". We visited "Kinji- used clothing", Bodyline and so many different shops ^o^ 
in front of "Kinji - used clothing"
what I bought that day
4. Odaiba and Tokyo Tower
We walked!!! over the Rainbow Bridge to Odaiba. The summer festival "United stars of Odaiba" took place and it was so overcrowded! Then we went with the huge giant wheel and went home by ferry.
 But the day was not over! In the evening we visited the Tokyo Tower and had a very great view over Tokyo.
 5. Akihabara and Pokémon Center Tokyo
We defenetly wanted to see Akihabara with the huge Manga/Anime merchandise shops. But we were a bit dissapointed... we didn't find stuff of our favourit series.
just a random photo of the Yamanote-line
After this we wanted to visit the Pokémon-Center Tokyo. We didn't have to search a long time! It was directly close to our hotel.
6. Odaiba again, big thunderstorm and Shinjuku
Kiki wanted to bye something in Odaiba and we went there again!
One Piece wherever you are ^^°
Then we went to Harajuku again but we could just flee from the giant thunderstorm and the heavy rain!
Completely wet we ran!!! home and in the evening we just went through the government district of Shinjuku.
 7. Roppongi, Ikebukuro and Shibuya
We went to Roppongi because Michi wanted to buy something at the Hard Rock Café there...but I didn't like Roppongi...
 then a short side trip to Ikebukuro...
 and finally SHIBUYA. So damn cool. The giant crossing ! We had a drink at Starbucks with a great view over that crossing! We watched the Hachiko statue and went into some shops!
 In the evening we ate tempura again *__* my absolutely favourite food
... bye bye Japan
 The next day we went to Narita Airport and....the journey was over Q_____Q

Can't believe that it's already so long ago....5 month ....
But inbetween a lot changed! I got fan of the best band on earth ^.^ GOLDEN BOMBER, I discovered Gyaru-styling and we already planed our next trip to Japan ^o^. Next august. I can't wait for it ^o^

bye bye and chu~

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Kiki said...

It was such a great time and I can't await our next trip, too!
We will rock Japan this year for three long weeks and I'm glad that I will have this experience again with you *O*