Mar 22, 2012

LBM - saturday

Hello everybody ^o^
Now I'll try to report about the books fair.
I start with saturday.

The day started great with a nice breakfast in our hotel. *yummie* Afterwards we lingered with dressing up... you know cosplay can be complicated.... make a boy out of my appearance....
Btw. here you can see my new light blue lenses!!!
I wore my Kiriha Aonuma Cosplay (Digimon Xros Wars), Kiki wore her Daisuke Motomiya Cosplay (Digimon 02) and Michi wore her Ruby Moon Cosplay (Card Capter Sakura).
When we arrived at the hall, the convention-feeling was complete.
Temperatures were hot, we met many of our friends, feeling was good, we made nice photos but the whole fair was overcrowded -.-
It has been my 7th time on the LBM but I guess it was never sooooo full of people....

Here some of my favourite pictures of my and Michis cosplays.
The biggest surprise was Padfoot ^o^ We didn't expect her to be there... she jerked us around @.@... and suddenly she came towards us as Peter Pan <3 <3 <3

It was soooooo funny <3 But Kiki and I wanted to switch our cosplays because her Daisuke-Cosplay was just a compromise for her (the wig for her actual cosplay didn't arrive in time -.-)
So we switched to our beloved boys of Golden Bomber in simple basic outfits!

Our friend Kirschu wore also a simple basic cosplay of Jun so we were already three of four ^o^

It was so funny to see myself in the clothes of Kirisho XP

In the end of the day we went to Leipzig Central Station and had some noodles ^.^

If you want to see more pictures of my cosplays, take a look here for Kiriha and for Shou.

Such a nice day ^-^
But the next day was even better <3 <3 <3
I will report tomorrow !
bye bye ~chu <3

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