Mar 9, 2012

Outfit and wig post

Hello everybody ^o^

Today I start with ichigos >____< today we had soooooo big stawberries. I love them *__*
ääääh...yeah ^.^°....
My new lences have arrived^^ actually just for my cosplays but maybe I'll wear them also private^^
I don't want to try them out before the convention but after I'll show you how they look like in my eyes^^

Now I've finished sewing all the clothes for the next convention LBM (book fair Leipzig) 
But I'm still searching for a silber belt.... so I went to a lot of small shops nearby here...but I didn'd find ANY FUCKING SILVER BELT....
my outfit today
my new leopard??? tights
My mom bought the first small flowers for our balcony. Hornveilchen (horned pansy). Spring is coming ^o^

The rest of the day I spent with styling wigs for the next cosplays.
I finished the wig for Kirschus Jun Cosplay.
two wigs combined and lots of "extentions" added
new haircut and styled
Now some photos: me wearing the wig... but unfortunately it's not my wig....
I wanna cosplay Jun, too Q______Q looks so cool ^o^

 But I had not enought hairspray... and so my wig for my Shou cosplay is just half styled ^.^°... so I have to coninue tomorrow with new hairspray.
That's all^^
O.k lots of cosplay informations in this post...... but some days before the next convention I've always to do lots of stuff.....
bye bye~ chu ♥


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