Mar 7, 2012

Hüco Stoffe

Hello everybody ^o^
Yesterday I had to buy the last missing fabric for the next cosplays. And I also bought some other stuff.
First some outfit photos...
At first I went to a small shop close by here. It's called "Creative" and I got all the lovely floral fabrics there that I used for the bows and accessories that I made. But it's not chep!
But I didn't find the right fabric....

So I had to take a look at "Hüco Stoffe". It's very far away... you know Berlin is big -.-° So it took longer than 1 hour to get there. I live in the south east ant the wholesaler Hüco is lokated in the north west of Berliln... (Lise-Meitner-Str.)
the building looks very unspectacular....
But inside you'll find nearly every textile that you are searching for! Plain and patterned, nitted fabric, fake fur, fake leather, tulle, chiffon, satin, lining....and so every colour! But it's not as cheap as the turkish market ...
I even found Hello Kitty fabric ^o^
lots of reels of threat
And I finally found what I was searching for such a long time. Not the perfect striped pattern but a very good alternative!
It looks similar to the pattern of this shirt, doesn't it?
I was very happy to find the fabric!
me in the train...
On the way I also bought stuff that I needed at a drugstore.
black eyeshadow and nail polish for my cosplay and the rest is everyday makeup stuff
my absolutely favourite lipstic (Rival de Loop) in bold pink
I bought it also in a nude colour for the first time
I also bought these simple scrunchies/hairties (I love the light pink one ^o^)
And I bought one pair of these ugly rubber clogs. Maybe I can use them (when I coloured them blue and red) for another simple Kirisho cosplay ^^°
bye bye ^o^
I hope you continue reading my blog (^v^)v ~chu

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