Mar 23, 2012

LBM - Sunday

Hello everybody ^o^
So this will be the final part of my report about the books fair in Leipzig!
The sunday was (in terms of cosplay) the very best day of the weekend!

We had our complete Golden Bomber-Cosplay group <3 <3 <3
Thanx to Kiki(Kyan-san), Michi(Kenji) and Kirschu(Jun-san) (^-^)/

But I start from the beginning ^.^°
After the nice breakfast-buffet we pimped us up as the hot guys of our favourite visual kei band <3
In between we were watching Dragon Ball, Naruto and Dragon Ball Z on german TV ~haha
It took a long time to do Michis(Kenjis) kabuki makup @.@

but it worked quite well (^v^)/
 Three of us four left the hotel (Kirschu was in another hotel) and Padfoot was with us 'cause she was in our hotel, too <3
with the whole luggage in the tram
arrived at the hall
First we relaxed a bit ...
but then we shooted our group!
Here are some of my favourite photos:

And thank you to all the people that recognized us as Golden Bomber-Cosplayers. So many wanted photos *o* We wouldn't have expected that!!!
with fangirls >///<° <3
In the end of the day we tryed to videotype the Memeshikute-dance...but we failed so synchronicity...lack of taining.... FAIL ^-^°°°~

Fluff was also on the fair in her joke cosplay of L-T-J "Sexy Schluffi" ^o^ *lol* so funny (in the middle)

but I bought something cute in the evening <3 Stich-plushie

At 6pm the fair was closed and we changed clothes fot the backpassage.

wow~ what a giantly super cool weekend on th books fair Leipzig *___________*
Long time ago since I had sooooo much fun <3 <3 <3
see you - bye bye - chu~ <3
Here you can find more of my Shou (Memeshikute)-Cosplay photos *click*

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tine said...

*_* sehr cooles gruppencossplay <3 ihr seht alle echt geil aus. gruppencosplays sind eh immer die besten, man fällt zusammen soviel mehr auf