Mar 25, 2012

Like summer in Berlin ^v^

Heyho my followers ^.^
Tomorrow university will start again.... and my vacations are already over Q____Q
So I enjoyed the Saturday with Kiki ^.^

It was the first time wearing lenses not for cosplay but just in freetime.
And I used my new "Eyemazing" lashes for the first time!
Here you can see my eye-makeup:
my right eye (left without lense/ right with lense)
my left eye (left without lense/ right with lense)
top without lenses/ bottom with lenses
I like the lenses, they're quite comfortable but my eyes generally have problems with lenses... they are quiet sensitive...-.-° So I must not wear lenses too often!!!

And the lashes are sooooo looooove <3 <3 <3 Now I just need good/new lower lashes ^-^°

my outfit
I wore my new sandals ^.^ very comfortable
Kiki and me in the tram ^^° A grandma called us cute and liked Kikis hat! She said it looks like Boy George from the 80's~ haha so funny
We went to Neo Tokyo and searched for a KERA magazine 'cause Kiki wanted one.... but they were all sold out -.-.... BUT INSTEAD Kiki bought an old egg issue for 4€. She's lucky!
Kiki at Neo Tokyo
On the way back throught the subway network we always pass this small Bubble Tea shop ^.^ So it's really practical to buy a bubble tea there ^o^

I wanted to look for shoes like this.... but I didn't find any... -.-°
But Kiki bought two pairs of platform wedge sandals! In the changing room of H&M I made lots of silly photos as always ^___^°
At Jumex I tryed that top once again.. because I couldn't stop thinking about it....
and now I bought the black one <3 <3 <3
Kiki bought such a fantastic fur bag for 15€ !!! I'm a bit jealous... but it's ok since I recently bought a new bag! ^^

And I bought this cute necklace *o*

The "Kiss me" slogan remids my of Kirishos heading in his blog that every post starts with <3
And I FINALLY bought an eyelash curler... I wanted to try it out for such a long time!!!

Kiki and me watching the new old egg issue
The weekend was so terrific *o* The weather was warm! The sun was shining! Please more of that weather !!! (^-^)/ 
bye bye ^o^ chu~ <3


りん-たん☆ said...

Eure outfits gefallen mir sehr :)
Auch die haare und das make up :D

Lau said...

wow~ thank you <3
ja, langsam wirds was ^o^

Call me Eliva said...

Also ich bin ja nicht mehr so für Gyaru make up zu begeistern wie vor 3 Jahren aber ich liebe noch die Mode und die Haare und an dir schaut es so süß aus. Vor allem die Haarfarbe!