Mar 13, 2012

wig post

Hello everybody ^o^
I think this post is just interesting for my cosplay partners and -friends. I just show all the wigs that I cut and styled the last days.
Later on (maybe today in the evening) I will also make a short post about my weekend.
Sorry for so many cosplay infos... ^^°

But first all the wigs!
1. for my cosplay of Kiryuuin Sho (Memeshikute PV) 2009

2. for my cosplay of Kiryuuin Shou (basic version)

3. for Kikis cosplay of Kyan Yutaka (Memeshikute PV 2009)

4. for Kikis cosplay of Kyan Yutaka (basic version)

5. for my cosplay of Kiriha Aonuma (Digimon Xros Wars)

6. for -padfoot-s cosplay of Arielle


bye bye
take a look on my blog in the late evenig when I posted some stuff without cosplay information!!!

1 comment:

Mimichan said...

Wie hast du das Arielle Pony so toll hinbekommen Q___Q
Jetzt bin ich voll neidisch weil meine sicher super abfailt gegen deine für Pads... Q___Q
Super tolle Perüüs <3