Mar 5, 2012

Ku'damm shopping

Hello everybody ^o^
Last weekend I met Kiki was so strange that I didn't see her for 2 weeks ~haha no acutually we're no Siamese twins >.<'
But it was a good idea to go shopping around the Ku'damm area ^.^ It's such a long time ago since I've been there. Variation is very important ^o^

I started as always: Doing my makeup!

I tryed out something new with my eye-makup and I used different upper lashes ^o^ Cheap german lashes but I like them very much.
with my hair done
I bought that simple beanie some weeks ago at H&M but now my mom made two super cute pompns of whool ^o^ Now I can change pompons, as I like !
...okay enough outfit spam >___<°
I met Kiki at the Alexanderplatz and of couse we had to buy a bubble tea... it's somehow by habit ~ha
Kiki tryed the new flavour "matcha" ~she always loves everything with green tea flavour ^.^
Kiki wore her new "Ma*rs-fake" coat for the first time. I really like it. It's really a "Ma*rs"-replica by Tally Weijl because it was even written on the hang tag inside the coat o.O....
We were searching some cosplay stuff and just nice garments for ?spring? Yeah, actually the sun was shining and the temperatures are quiet spring-like ^o^
We were at all the (4) H&Ms, at Zara, Orsay, Pimky, Desigual and so on and so on....
at H&M in a super large mirror (^v^)v
...but then we saw a shop Kiki nearly forgot about: STEINBRUCH
It's a very hot and cool shop even with a DJ who puts on some cool music ^o^
the entrence downstairs (shop in my background)
Lots of America-T-shirts ^.^° very amekaji like!!!
I tryed some floral roma/hime like dresses which were on sale. *_____* Soo beautiful  ♥
I bought this one  ♥
*___* look it perfectly matches my selfmade hairbow and bracelet

and I bought this one, too  ♥
The changing rooms are soooo big at STEINBRUCH soooo coool ^o^
Kiki bought this stylish mini skirt. She likes that sexy d.i.a like style. Yumachi (Egg) is her favourite Gal ^.^
 no... but she didn't buy the T-shirt... maybe too much amekaji is not good ^.^°

In between we had a break at McDonalds and at Starbucks.
haha~ McDonalds food- never seen before >.<° right? .....
Oh and before I forget: I also bought this pink fur stole at H&M for 3€. I already have the black one but I coudn't resist ^o^
Tomorrow I will go to Hüco Stoffe, a wholesaler for textile! I hope I get the last missing textile for our cosplays ^^
bye bye ~chu  ♥


Mimichan said...

Ich liebe deine Haare~ die sehen immer so toll aus +____+
Und so schöne Klamotten~!

Jallou said...

Du musst dich mit deinem neuen Rosenkleid und dem Haarschmuck auf mein Bett legen XD Dann bist du total getarnt |D