Mar 21, 2012

Sunny friday in Leipzig

Hello everybody ^o^
Ths books fair last weekend has passed, it's already wednesday and I didn't post for 5 days -.-° sorry...
but after a convention the work is not done... edit photos, load them up, set up your cosplays, and finally tidy up your room ^^°

But now I have some time to report about the last days (^-^)
I start with last friday.
Makeup photos:
eye makeup:

my coord:
I met with Kiki and Michi 11.30am at Berlin Central Station. Our train to Leipzig arrived in time. Lucky us ^o^.
Kiki and me had no seats but from Berlin to Leipzig it's just 1h travel time.
love Kikis black and white zebra suitcase <3
We went to our simple but cool hotel and Michi gave us her selfmade maccha buns ^.^
btw. my hair styling
 The weather was sooooo nice! Warm/hot and the sun was shining. So we went to the inner-city of Leipzig ^o^
We went shopping.
Inside the changing rooms of "Steinbruch"
Then at "orsay":
 I defenetly wanna buy such a long romantic dress but this one was not my favourite... The denim waistcoat with lace trimming is also very cute but I didn't buy it....

But I bought some accessories at "claire's":
Kiki, Michi and me, we shared these fruints earrings! Kiki got water melons, Michi bananas and oranges and these are mine: lemons, strawberries and pears.

I had delicious icecream in a café ^o^
Just some random photos ^o^
In the evening we went to a super luxury indian restaurant *o*
But I had just a salat and a banana lassi. So it was not so expensive ^^°
So enough picture spam for today.
Next time I will post about the saturday and the sunday of the books fair with lots of cosplay photos (^-^)/
bye bye and chu~ <3

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tine said...

dein augen make up ist so toll. <3 und ich mag dein rouge. ist das ein bestimmter blush?

schade das man sich auf der lbm nicht gesehen hat .__. aber waren ja ne menge leute wieder unterwegs

das maxikleid habe ich auch schon gesehen aber so ganz sagt es mir nicht zu, dabei liebe ich maxikleider