Mar 15, 2012

Last post before LBM and white day "present"

Hello everyone ^o^
This will be the last post before the books fair in Leipzig (we call it LBM). Since I was still sewing and preparing I don't have anything very interesting to show you.....

Just a very simple coord that I wore yesterday:

Yesterday I was also practising Visual Kei makup for my cosplays.... And I have to say I'm awfully bad at this >.<°
haha~ I'm looking so pseudo-bad-boyish -.-°
Gyaru- or even my everyday makeup suits me better, I guess!!!
But yesterday I was really surprised that Kiryuuin Shou had prepared something for White Day ^o^ For all the fans!!!... not for me personally ^^°
Do you know White Day? One month after Valentine's Day the boys who got something from a girl prepare somthing for that girl.
Kirisho has made a song and a simple video for all the fans who gave him something on Valentine's Day. So it's for me, too ♥____♥
He is sooooo cool and handsome and kind ♥ He played all the instruments by himself o.O He's a genius !!!

Arigatou gozaimasu Kiryuuin-san for that song ♥

bye bye gals ^o^
I will defenitly report about the books fair!!!
see you soon~ chu ♥

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