Mar 13, 2012

sunday-shopping without buying anything

Hello my dear followers <3

Yeah, last saturday was rather boring ...just styled wigs and went outside for buying hairspray.
But I show you my outfit nevertheless!

natural hair structure
no lashes...

In the evening I went to Kiki and we chilled !
The next day the shopping centers were opened! So we grabed the chance and tryed to find some last accessoies for Kikis cosplays.

I found some really cool garments... but I was not sure about them... so I didn't buy them.
This oversized sweater with this special print! I found it at "Jumex" and it really reminds me of all these Chanel or Chanel-like logo shirts. Some gyaru labels also designed such shirts.
Just two examples...
At "Jumex" the shirt was in sotck in beige, white, black and some more colourfull versions like yellow or bordeaux.
The very special about the shirt is, that the slogan says that brands are not that important , they don't make us unique!! I think that's true!!!

At "New Yorker" I saw these amekaji-like shorts.
They are high-waisted. I like this very much! But I think they are too tight for my body-shape...
We ate asian food. Just simple fried noodles and vegetables for me. Simple "asia-box"!

Kiki and I, we had similar outfits that day ^o^ So we decided it could be a twin outfit ^.^' Not in perfection but quite similar XD

So that's it ^o^
bye bye and chu~ <3

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