Sep 26, 2012

Autumn/Winter collections: Ma*rs, Liz Lisa, Ank Rouge

Hello gals ^o^

This will be just a post inbetween... nothing special, but I want to show you!
In Japan I got some advertisment catalogues that show the current collections of Ma*rs, Ank Rouge and some Liz Lisa.
I just want to show you the scans I made.


Liz Lisa

Ank Rouge

There are really some garments that I like a lot! Not many from Ma*rs but some from Liz Lisa and Ank Rouge! 
And Rie Matsuoka (Ank Rouge producer + model and Popteen model)  is still my no.1 look inspiration although she changed her hairstyle and makup somehow. She looks more adult and elegant now, I think.

bye bye ~chu <3

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