Sep 22, 2012

Connichi 2012 - Saturday

Hello ^o^
This is gonna be the next Connichi post.

We started the day relaxed with a super breakfast in our hotel. 
And afterwards we took some time for styling and dressing up because we had no group cosplay and nobody was waiting on the convetion for us so badly.

Kiki and I cosplayed from the anime Lucky Star.

When we arrived on the convention we had the best weather ever for our cosplays!!! Sunny and warm! Nearly hot temperatures.
And the convention area was already overcrowded as always on Saturdays.
It's been my 5th Connichi so I knew what would await us. Nothing unexpected.

Ray and Michi in the crowd
 Soon we started to take photos of ourselfs.
It's always the same! When we took some good photos with our own cameras, we're more relaxed! It's like: "our job is done, now having fun" ~ haha
Michi and Kiki in the middle of a shooting ~haha
my cosplay: Miyuki Takara from Lucky Star

Kiki as Yutaka Kobayakawa from Lucky Star

us two
Michi as Mallory from Mighty Ducks:

At the frensh fries and currywurst stall we met Son Goku with his complete Dragon Balls~ haha~
It's Rene, a friend of ours^^°

 In the late afternoon we went back to our hotel to dress casual! In the evening it got too cold for summery cosplay dresses ^^°

one last photo on the tram ^^
Then we bought some champagne. A lot of friends wanted to drink something with us.... but nobody did as promised -.-° So Kiki and me were the only ones...
But it was super funny anyway ^o^ 
We were searching for two very good looking asian guys we saw the day... but it seems they already left -.-°

This photo shows our state very good ^^° Somehow drunken... But it's tradition for Connichi Saturday evening!

Bye bye~
next post: Connichi Sunday and the day after
~ chu <3


Marienni said...

Love your cosplay! SO adorable! You make a perfect Miyuki Takara! (ヘ。ヘ)

Lau said...

@ Marienni
thank youuuuu >///<
by the way.... I was so stupid and didn't know who you are -.-° so sorry......
now I got it ^o^
we met at gyaru meetup shibuya ^o^
I thought your name is Tracy.... I was confused because of the name Marienni ^^°

Jenny ♥ said...

Connichi ist immer toll, du hättest zu uns kommen sollen, wir haben getrunken xD
Du sahst toll aus<3

Lau said...

@ Jenny
na toll, hätte ich's gewusst, hätte ich sichi mal vorbeigeschaut XD