Sep 22, 2012

Connichi 2012 - Friday

Hello everybody ^o^

I know that the big anime and manga convention Connichi is already two weeks ago ... but I think I show you some photos nevertheless.
I start with Friday.

Early in the morning Kiki and me took the train to Kassel.
my travelling outfit ^^°
 In Kassel we met Michi ^o^ and Ray at the train station. Together we went to our hotel.

our hotel...
...towards the city hall
Kiki and I had to buy something to drink ^^° we forgot to bring it with us ~haha no convention without water!!!

Then we dressed up in our Cosplays!
Michi, Kiki and me had a Tekken cosplay group on Friday!
But I had no ticket to go into the building of the Connichi. I just go on conventions for cosplaying and meeting friends! Merchandise and workshops and stuff... are not interesting for me!

some people of the group ^o^
This was my cosplay: Lili de Rochefort

Kiki as Ling Xiaoyu <3 super cute >___<

Michi as Asuka Kazama. Super cool !!!

It was super funny and nice to see so many people again ^o^ and to meet new ones!
Misa, her boyfriend, Wettergott (Pia), Waldemar, Lynn, Kr├╝melmonster, Rene as Thor and so on.... ^^ we made nice photos and inbetween we were chilling on a blanket ^o^

chilling on a blanket~ Ray and Lynn ^^
we had super weather!!!
I brought Onigiri from Berlin with me~ <3
Some funny fotos:

Here you can see the park behind the convention. On Fridays it's not that overcrowded with cosplayers and visitors!

Michi and me chatting and sitting on a bench until it got colder...
In the evening Kiki, Michi, Lynn, Ray and me left the convention and went eating something in a restaurant! We were all in the same hotel.
It was a super funny day and evening <3.

next post: Connichi Saturday ^o^
bye bye ~chu <3

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