Sep 12, 2012

Day 14 - Pokémon Center and Matsuri at Hamacho Park

Hello gals ^o^
The Connichi is over and I have some time for blogging ^^
But before posting about the Connichi, I will continue with my Japan-posts!

The day before the concert of Golden Bomber we started very relaxed. We just visited the Pokémon Center Tokyo that is very close to our hotel. So we just had to walk some meters.

Relaxo chillt am Balkon XD

It's always so crowded! Sooo many children! They still looooove Pokémon in Japan!
The new games Black and White 2 are published and also the completely new game Pokémon Conquest is already published in Japan... they know how to make money!!!

merchandise of Pokémon Conquest

You can buy soooo many things there...  plush toys, key chains, bags, stickes, food, cookie boxes, bento supplies, stationery and so on.....
I just bought a pokéball with a stamp and sweets inside.

In the evening Kiki met Aya-chan. Michi and me went to Hamacho park. There was a matsuri and Michi definitely wanted to wear her new yukata.

the main place was a sports field
but some other streets were also decorated

suddenly a small parade started
Kids were presenting their self made shrines and drumms were played by some kids. I made a small video.

Later on a friendly elderly man wanted to follow us o.O.... something was wrong with Michis yukata... we didn't understand him completely but when he guided us to a tent with three woman wearing yukata we had an idea ^^°...
Michi wrapped her yukata the wrong way up @___@°

the woman helped Michi
and also tied her obi in another way
Michi is ready ^o^
By the way, this was my outfit... but the hair looks messy on this photo because of the wind...

With some food stamps we could buy super delicious and cheap Yakisoba <3
And when it got dark they started dancing around the stage.
Drummers where playing on the upper level of the stage and the main dancers demonstrated the dances on the stage and everyone could dance with them around the platform.
I made a short video, so you can imagine!

 They played many different songs and danced different dances.
 Suddenly a woman wanted Michi and me to dance with them. They would teach us o.O...... OMG.... Michi agreed and went on the platform with the woman!
She really danced the traditional dances on the stage ^o^  I was so proud of Michi ^.^.... I was too shy >///<  But so I could make a video of Michi dancing!

Michi marked with the red arrow

It was soooo funny XD This evening was so typical traditional Japanese! I loooved it!
See you ^^
bye bye ~ chu <3


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Rukipe said...

ahh~ I went to the pokemon center too! xD This place brought so many childhood memories <3 I want the new pokemon games so badly! <3 B/W 2 and conquest <3 haha why europe?! why are you so slowly?! Dx