Sep 29, 2012


Hello everybody ^o^

Now I'll begin to spam with lots of different things I did the last weeks.
Most of it is outfits ^^°
I will divide it into 3 parts.... 
This is the first one!

When I came back from Japan I direktly went to the customs ('cause of a wig) the next day. This was my outfit!
Haha~ just want to show you my everyday breakfast: fruits and cereal yoghurt ^o^

Next is a Saturday outfit when I met with Kiki!
with jacket
sitting in one of our favourite restaurants "Good morning Vietnam"
next to us was a guy sitting who reminded us of LMFAO ~haha exactly with sunglasses and afro *lol*
 Next is the outfit when I went to Rice Up to buy onigiri for Connichi.
with jacket

This is how I did my toenails.
Kiki and I are attending a community college to learn Japanese for 3 weeks already! (~haha "already" ... "only" would fit better ^^°)
This is the outfit when I bought our books and then went to class.

Another day I went with my mom to the new opened TK max store near our home.
This was my outfit.

with my new Garula top

Here I will stop and continue the next days!
Don't want to bore you with a mass of outfits on one post ^^°
See you the next days !
bye bye ~ chu <3


Jenny ♥ said...

your outfits are always sooo cute, I love them!!

Patri Lavulin said...

very cute outfits!

Lau said...

@Jenny and Patri Lavulin
thank you both so much <3 <3 <3