Sep 3, 2012

Day 10 - Shopping in Shibuya 109

Hello gals ^o^
On Monday the 20th Michi had different plans than Kiki and me.
She wanted to visit Kamakura and Kiki and I used the day for shopping! So Michi didn't have to endure our shopping spree XP

We went to Shibuya and visited Shibuya 109 ( spoken Ichimarukyu) *o* The shopping dream of every gal XD

my outfit
eyemakeup with my new upper and bottom diamond lashes ^o^
 Actually Kiki wanted to buy something at Ma*rs....But things never turn out the way you expect ^^°
Ma*rs shop was closed because of shop renewal and new opening in September... -.-°

So we had a long stop at the d.i.a. shop ^o^
my gets <3 top, skirt and belt <3
I spent a lot of money at d.i.a. (the belt was really expensive)^^° I had to be carefull in the other shops!!!
It's not allowed to take photos in the whole building.... especially in the stores... so Kiki and I just took some random photos hidden in the corridors. XD

What should I tell you about Shibuya 109? 
10 floors with over 130 stores. All stores are very popular among the different gyaru styles and so it's a complete shopping center for gyaru brands <3
The shop staff looks amazing and so perfectly styled *o* But you can't just stroll throught the shops without being addressed by the shop staff. I'm not used to the permanent guidance (which I don't understand XD) and sometimes it's a bit annoying ^^°...

At GARULA  the shop staff seemed to know my taste (~haha very difficual regarding my outfit *lol*) and recommended me this top! *o* And the price was reduced ^o^ (ca. 2000Yen)
So I bought it XD

I also bought stuff at SBY. Lashes (two pairs of natural looking diamond lashes and Eyemazing No. 501 by Kyary Pamyu Pamyu), orange creme rouge and a light eyebrow pencil!

relaxing in front of 109
one last tourist pic before leaving 109
Afterwards we were strolling through the small and big streets of Shibuya trying to find the Purikura center I visited with the Gal meet up some days before..... but I did not find...
But instead of, I found the big W♥C japan store

I really don't know what's so special about this brand... -.-° I don't like it...
And we found another puricura center ^o^ So I persuaded Kiki to make purikura with me >__<
Kiki agreed because the center was not that crowded!

thank you Kiki <3
bye bye ~chu <3


Maachahime said...

Uhaaah so schöne Sachen! *___* ♥
d.i.a. + GARULA = perfekt xDD

Aber wo ist bitte der GARULA im 109? o__o Bin ich irgendwie.. dumm? >D

Und jaa, ich mag WC auch nicht.. kann ich verstehen. ~__~ Langeweilige Sachen und das Maskottchen ist hässlich. XD

Lau said...

Danköööö XD
Garula ist glaub ich 4.Etage oder sou XD vielleicht ist der shop noch nicht so lange da o.O oder war geschlossen, als du da warst... bei uns waren auch einige shops geschlossen...(Ma*rs z.B ^^°)

Gut, dass auch andere den Bären hässlich finden XP