Sep 6, 2012

Day 13 - Ikebukuro

Hello everybody ^o^
Now I'm already one week back from Japan Q_____Q
... and my suitcase is already packed again ~haha .... Tomorrow the anime and manga convention Connichi starts and I'm going to Kassel to attend!

But before I will continue my posts about Japan.
On the 23rd of August we met with Kaoru and her best friend in Ikebukuro.

We visited the shopping center Parco.

In Parco we wanted to go to the Ma*rs shop which was not closed *o* happy ~
On the basement of Parco you can find lots of gyaru brands!

Actually Kaoru does not like gals but one of her favourite shop is Cecil McBee!

Kiki in this shop
I did not take so many photos this day..... because you is always the same XD
Kiki bought one outfit set at Ma*rs.
This one (from the Ma*rs catalogue)

I did not find anything that really pleased me at Ma*rs... so I bought nothing!
We went into a restaurant in Parco.

Later we went into a game center to take purikura together ^^° This was even stressful for me.... they were searching hours (just a joke) for the perfect mashine..... I would have taken a mashine without waiting line...but noooooo... they wanted this one mashine o.O

the puris are kind of confused... to many people ~haha
 We were also at the shopping center Sunshine City. And even Michi found some nice garments!

in a café
We were also at the Donki (Don Quijote) in Ikebukuro. I like Donki a lot! You get anything and everything there on at least 5 floors and everything is inexpensive. Clothes, makeup, funny gimmicks, electronics, household appliances, alcoholic drinks....

Then we had to say goodbye to Kaoru who had to work in the evening!

Afterwards Michi, Kiki and me went to Sunshine City again.
I found a shop called S.&².C. or something like this... >.< which had clothes in different styles for good prices!
I bought a bag and a dress.

the dress is really made in a d.i.a. like style... but much cheaper ^o^
 That's it for today!
Sorry to make you jealous with my shopping fever .... Q_____Q but I saved money for one year to spend it in Japan..... now I'm poor!!!
bye bye ~chu <3

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