Sep 17, 2012

Day 17 - Harajuku again and Tower Records in Shibuya

Hello everybody ^^

On Monday the 27th Michi seperated to go on a special guided tour in the government district in Shinjuku and Kiki and I went to Harajuku again.

My outfit:

We went down the Takeshita street and visited every single shop. I just bought a necklace at "Pinklatte". Kiki and I bought also some souveniers for our friend Kirschu! She also likes Golden Bomber.

stickers, a photo of Jun and the keychain out of the Gachapon mashine
I spent my money again at "Kinji used clothing" goshhhh, I love to browse through this shop! You will always find anything you like for a cheap price!!!

I bought a highwaisted denim skirt, black and blue ruffle bloomers and a cute bag (I bought these loose socks the day before in Shibuya)

I thought the bag looks a little bit like La Pafait ^^°.... but when watching the ribbon I was shocked o.O.....
the bag REALLY IS by La Pafait !!!
I got the bag for 700Yen (ca. 7€).... and it seems to be a brand bag by La Pafait. One of the most famous hime gyaru brands.

I'm so lucky that I got it second hand ^o^

Afterwards we were a bit strolling through the Laforèt Harajuku. But the shops aren't my brands anymore.... so we went fast outside again.

in front of Laforèt
I was so much sufferning under the heat that day... dunno why especially that day.... but I had to tie up my hair >.<°
I was looking so shitty that day -.-°

On the way back I bought a Harajuku Crèpe with banans and cream.

bye bye Harajuku and Takeshita doori
Afterwards Kiki went home because she wasn't feeling well and I met with Michi in Shibuya. Do you know where? Yeah, again at the Hachiko stature ^o^
We wanted to visit Tower Records in Shibuya, the biggest music store in Tokyo.

We were searching for Golden Bomber and other visual kei CD's and Michi was also searching for K-Pop CD's.

visual kei shelves
so many Golden Bomber CD's
I bought the "Golden Best for Germany" album of Golden Bomber and the new album of An Café "Amazing blue"
Michi finally found Kenjis book at Tower Records! She was super happy ^o^

On the way back to Shibuya station we met Rin and Hiki ^o^ What a coincidance! I met them already another day before by accident.
They were waiting for the SuG concert. We chatted a little bit.
I just have this derp.... photo ^^°...

Rin looks good but me... *lol* derp....
On the way back I bought a Tapioka Milktea <3 <3 <3 I love it so much <3
and two magazines. Egg and Ageha. It was the last chance to get the September issues!

oh, here you can also see the necklace I bought at Pinklatte
That's it ^o^
I give my best to blog regular to complete the Japan posts and blog about connichi, my latest outfits and what happened the last weeks ^^°...
bye bye ~ chu <3


Rukipe said...

Omg! Dein Outfit sieht so gut aus! Ne Kombi aus niedlich und doch cool, lässig <3 du siehst super darin aus! Golden Bomber Zeugs *__ * das Foto von Jun ist ja mal sowas von hübsch! :O Wieso hab ich nie auf solche Sachen geachtet..oder sie gefunden??
Wobei ich mir ihr Album "Golden Album" bei TR gekauft hab <3 ganz ohne Zeugs von ihnen konnte ich dann doch nicht gehen :3

Lau said...

danke für dein Outfit-Compliment ^^

Ja, ich musste einfach auch endlich eine originale CD von golden bomber haben !!! Einfach nur, um sie zu haben! ^^° Ich kann dich verstehen!

So Poster-Karten-Krimskrams hab ich auch nur in Harajuku in diesen Star-Läden gefunden! ^^