Sep 16, 2012

Day 16 - Shiba Park Oktoberfest und Shimokitazawa

Hello gals ^o^

On sunday the 26th of August we had a very easygoing day before meeting Aya-chan and friends in the evening.
So we slept long and decided to have a look at the Oktoberfest in Shiba Park next to our hotel.

It's sooo strange to see all the stalls with German beer and bavarian flags and Germany-hats, and "Wurst"(sausage) and all that stuff in Japan ~haha
 They are so crazy about German food and beer^^°

on the way through Shiba Park with Tokyo Tower in the background

It was damn hot and before noon.... so we didn't order anything ~haha~ No BEER, no WURST !

In the evening we met Aya-chan in Shibuya at the Hachiko stature. The typical meeting point in Shibuya ^o^
But she wanted to go to Shimokitazawa with us. It's some stations away from Shibuya.
She wanted to show us her favourite Korean restaurant.

some kind of Korean barbecue
We were sitting directly close to the hot sheet and the fat was splashing.... so we had to wear paper aprons ^^°
 Some time later Haruya joined us! We already knew him from the Izakaya visit. He is one of the boys we got to know.

The meat was quite delicious but in general.... I didn't like the korean barbecue.... japanese food is better ^^°...

Haruya, Kiki, Aya-chan and me in front of the restaurant
some streets of Shimokitazawa
We decided to go to a purikura center when Kaze (another one of the boys) arrived!
And it was the best puricura center I've ever been to!!!
It was completely empty! Nobody else beside us! And a giant choice of mashines.

There was also a make up corner where you could use mirrors, curling- and straightning irons, hair dryer and so on for free!

us girls ^o^
Haruya is taking care of Kiki ^o^
this was my outfit:

 I made a short video in the puri center. I looved to be there with the folks ^.^ It was super funny and a super nice atmosphere.

First we all 6 tried to get together on purikuras!
Here are the results:

Aya and I decorated them... uff... I'm not good at decorating >.<°...

all watched our decorating... ^.^° ~haha

Kiki also made her own purikuras together with Haruya! It was a "boyfriend/girlfriend"-puricura mashine! Lucky Kiki Q_________Q
I cant show you the puris because it's Kikis personal matter ^__^~

But us girls did also our own puris without the boys ^o^

We were sitting some time in the center and chatted ^^ Michi could even talk some time japanese with Kaze! I was impressed! Michi is able to make conversation in Japanese! I have to hurry and learn it, too!!!

 Afterwards we went karaoke for an hour. Very funny ^o^ 

 I made this short video of Michi and Kiki singing "Wannabe" of the Spicegirls.... you better don't listen ~haha Thank god that nobody made a video of me singing ^^°... I sound even worse!!!


bye bye gals ^o^
~ chu <3


Eunji♥ said...

Waah It looks like you had nice time^^ You're so pretty^ ^

Lau said...

thank you for following <3
yeah, it was the best time of my life!!!
....thank you >///<...^^°
bye <3

Kiki said...

Du vergraulst jeden Blogleser mit meinem und Michis Gesang XD