Sep 2, 2012

Day 9 - Arriving at Tokyo and party with Aya-chan and friends

Hello ^^
This day was one of the highlights of the journey ^o^

At first we left Nagoya and went to Tokyo via Shinkansen <3
In the early afternoon we arrived at Tokyo station. 
We already knew the way to our hotel because it was the same hotel as last year.
So we took the Yamanote-Line to Hamamatsucho station.

The area around Hamamatsucho is an office district where lots of office workers work. It's near the Shiba Park and the Tokyo Tower and near the Pokémon Center Tokyo.

our hotel room
After arriving we used the time to pimp ourselfs up for meeting Aya-chan and her friends in the evening ^o^.
Do you remember Aya from my old posts? here She is a close friend of Kiki and was in Berlin for half a year. We were so excited to see her again >.<

She organised a kind of a party with some of her friends.
my outfit (new Liz lisa onepiece and bag)
She came to our hotel ^.^ happyyyyy to see her again <3
First she went with us to a small udon shop.

OMG *o* I never tryed udon before but it is sooooo yummie <3
 Afterwards we went to Shinjuku where Aya had made a reservation at an Izakaya.  Izakaya is a traditional restaurant or bar where you reserve a complete room for you and your guests.
We had "All you can eat"(and drink) for 2 hours ^o^

waiting for Ayas friends to arrive
One boy after the other arrived. They where all really funny ^v^ and super likeable. Somehow crazy guys XXDDD
They teached us their (nick)names and we teached them silly german words. Michi was able to speak some sentenses japanese with them and Aya tried to translate between english and japanese ^^°.... the boys were not able to speak english....and I'm not able to speak japanese ^^°
But it worked out quite well!

one meal after the other was presented and I tried so many different things

group photo: (left to right) Haruya, Michi, me, Kiki, Aya, Hiroshi, Uti, Kaze(in foreground)
It was such a super funny evening! Whereas all the others were drinking beer, Michi and I tried so many different cocktails and even sake.... in one go.... but I got not drunken....

The boys were cheating with german sentenses from their I-pads ~haha so funny when they tried to pronounce the german sentenses ^^ and we gave our best fo learn cute colloquial japanese utterances.
Words of the evening: pissen, honto?, eeeeeeeeeeehhh~?, Liebenbräu, Schulz, tsuraioooooo~, Golden Bomber, Kouji, ....t.b.c.

But after the Izakaya the evening was not over ^^
We went into a Karaoke bar in Shinjuku <3

We sang and danced "Memeshikute"(Golden Bomber), Chala hey chala (Dragon Ball Z), Attake No.1 and other old anime songs and also some english songs like songs of Stevie Wonder, The Cranberrys ....and so on....

For me it was somehow the best day (or evening) of the journey and for sure one of the best days in my life ^^°
We had so much fun <3 <3 <3....although I didn't feel any alcohol of the 5 or 6 cocktails and the sake....

bye bye ~ chu <3

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