Sep 23, 2012

Connichi 2012 - Sunday - and the day after

Hello ^o^

Today I'm really busy blogging!
This is the last part of my Connichi posts.

Here you find the other two parts: part one and part two

Sunday was not very special and exciting. So I don't have many photos to show you...

It was the day of our joke cosplay that nobody of us took serious ^^°....
I don't like and don't know anything about the Naruto series... but it's the most cosplayed anime series ever... you know... sometimes it even gets on your nerves -.-°

So Kashi, Kiki and me had the idea to cosplay some characters out of the series we would actually nerver cosplay ~haha
Stupid idea, huh? We thought this might be funny *lol*

waiting for our small photo shoot
As expected we didn't feel comfortable in our cosplays.... >___< The wigs that have arrived had somehow wrong colours a little bit and my lenses hurt... and Kiki could just use her lenses for a limited time because they make you blind!!!
So, no good preconditions for a succsessful cosplay ...

But with Kashi we had the very best Naruto cosplayer ever! She's in fact really the best one, without joking!!!

we had a lot of fun anyway ^o^
me as Karin:

Kiki as Hinata with completely white lenses that make you blind... you can't see anything through them o.O poor Kiki Q____Q

When we were done with the shooting we quickly changed clothes! We could not stand these cosplays any longer ~haha, too embarassing!

relaxing on our blanked for the rest of the day
In the evening one after the other of our friends left to go home.
So in the end of the day the park was nearly empty!

Our train back was going really late. So we didn't have to hurry...
Bye bye Connichi!

In Berlin I stayed the night at Kikis home because she had a day off again on Monday!
So on Monday we went eating at one of our favourite restaurants "Good morning Vietnam".

We had again fantastic weather, so we had to go outside ^o^ The restaurant is near the Berlin Neo Tokyo shop.
I also made the Conhon entry for Kiki while sitting in the restaurant!

haha~ please recognize the biro from Shibuya 109 that Kiki got as a presant one day in Japan ^o^
we were not in the mood for great makup... just relaxing a little
Nearly the same outfit as the evening before:
bye bye everyone ^o^
~ chu <3


Justina★ said...

auch wenn du dich in dem naruto-cosplay nicht besonders wohl gefühlt hast - du sahst trotzdem toll aus! :D (ich bin aber auch kein naruto-anhänger. xD) ich mag auch endlich mal wieder auf die connichi, meine letzte ist.. 4 jahre her. °A°

Lau said...

danke für das liebe Kompliment <3
ja, die Connichi ist und bleibt die schönste Con in meinen Augen!
Vielleicht klappt's für dich auch mal wieder^^
Spock o.O... XXDDD