Sep 4, 2012

Day 11 - Nakano and meeting Kaoru

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On Tuesday the 21th we followed Michis idea to visit Nakano and the Nakano Broadway.
There you can find all sorts of anime and manga shops with doujinshis, artbooks, figures and other strange merchandise....
Last year we already visited Akihabara which is the main area to find such stuff. And so Michi thought it would be nice to go to Nakano this year!

entrance to Nakano Broadway

my outfit ^^°
But it was not as I would have expected it to be.... most of  the shops seemd to sell second hand items and it was all very trashy and messy....

But nevertheless Michi got very rare CLAMP artbooks at a cheap price!

We also visited a shop with star posters and merchandise... but there was nothing of Golden Bomber XP So not very interesting for me ^^°

I really liked this shop full of school goods *o*
a short break at an ashtray ^^
the train back
I just bought two super cheap pairs of socks, another pair of socks, earrings and shower gel.

In the evening we wanted to meet with Kaoru, another mail friend of Kiki.
She came to Hamamatsucho station and together we went to Shinjuku to go to another Izakaya!
This day it was just Kaoru and us! So we 4 got just a small round room at the Izakaya "Doma Doma".

It was really nice and funny to talk to Kaoru ^^ She has a good English and is fan of Germany and likes German man !
~haha~ We Germans fancy Japanese boys and a lot of Japanese woman go for European man... -.-° actually very strange, huh?

From our room we had a nice view on the good looking waitors ~haha~ it was super funny XD
Afterwards we went into another bar, just for drinkning something.
But the waitors there were really disappointing -.-°

Kaoru and Kiki with the srtange cabbage snack
Michi and me with our beloved Calua Milk <3
It was a really funny evening ^o^
bye bye~ chu <3


Sasu said...

ich liebe nakanobroadway ; 0 ; soviele günstige shops und awww...ich beneide dich so!
*weiter fleißig ließt*

みえーちゃん said...

nice japüan posts!! i also checked out your latest ones! and you posted many pictures^^ thank you ! i enjoy to look at them so i miss japan (;_;)
in this post, i love your dress! so cute flowers on it!! did you buy it in japan?
when will you go there again?^^

oh~ and if you have time, please check out my new blog post!(。・ε・。) and if you like it you can write a comment☆彡 i would be happy!!^^
have a nice day and take care~~ 

Lau said...

thank you both <3
I did not buy the dress in Japan! It was just a bargain at H&M here in Germany ^^°
bye <3