Sep 2, 2012

Day 8 - Osaka

The last day of our stay in Nagoya we used to go to Osaka ^^° which is actually 178km far away ^^°...  But we all like Osaka so much <3
So we used our Rail Pass once again for a tour with the Hikari Shinkansen to Shin-Osaka.

my outfit:
at Nagoya station... waiting for the Shinkansen to arrive

Osaka is a great town!!! And somehow the people are different then in Kyoto or Tokyo.... much more open and talkative and funny ^o^.
An elderly lady was super happy to talk to us! She likes Germany and visits Germany some times with her children and grandchildren....and so on XXDDD She gave us a selfmade origami crane ^^°
And a young businessman talked to us in the subway and was very interested in our journey and helped us to find the way.
And the boys show more eye contact and a lot of people smiled at us so...: once again

the shopping center "HEP 5"
the decoration inside the Hep 5 : red whales ^^
The Hep 5 contains a lot of gyaru brands such as Liz Lisa, INGNI , Ank Rouge, Cecil McBee and others.

Our first stop was at the Liz Lisa store where Kiki and I spent a lot of time and money ^^°
I was scared that I would not fit into the garments of Liz Lisa as they are all onesize.... and some where really not my size...especially at my upper arms o.O
But they fit perfectly at chest and waist which is the most important!!!

my gets: onepiece with pleated skirt part, culotte skirt with pants under and a bag which I also can use as a backpack
I also bought a brown hairbow (which I forgot to take a photo of) at a shop called "Lattice", a T-Shirt at a shop called "Detranger" , a backpack at "Tudtuu" and 3 sets of underwaer in light pink, mint green and creme(I have no photo of).

After shopping we wanted to visit an area of Osaka which Michi was very interested in. But it started to rain and thunder heavily.
Even the Osaka Loop line stopped to ride.... due to heavy rain!!!

So we decided to wait in a café inside the staition for one hour.

me and my strawberry whatever yoghurt drink
But the Loop Line did not start driving.... so Michi decided to try to get there with subway!

arrived at the Namba area

 First we where walking through the "Akihabara of Osaka" ...lots of game centers and anime and manga merchandise stores.

haha~ Tekken museum ~ do you see the blond tekken chara? Lili- my next cosplay ^o^
 The streets where full of people and the shopping and restaurant streets at Namba where such a lovely place.

 There where so damn good looking guys on the streets o.O looking like hosts *o*... but there where no host clubs..... Kiki and I were nerly frightened by these good looking boys >///<

In the end we sat down at a small snack restaurant and ate something^^
The waitor was super funny >.< But the only German who came through his mind was Klose XD (Miroslav Klose...)

We love Osaka <3 <3 <3
bye bye~ chu <3

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