Sep 18, 2012

Day 18 - Ueno

Hello gals^^
This post won't be so long because I don't have many photos of the day.

On Tuesday the 28th we wanted to go to Ueno.

my outfit
When we arrived at Ueno we were strolling through the streets of Ueno and Ueno Okachimachi.

We were searching the shopping center ABAB.

There was a Ma*rs shop inside and some other shops belonging directly to the ABAB.

I could not resist buying these shoes for just 1050Yen (ca. 10€) in the ABAB
And I finally found a dress at Ma*rs that pleased me!
a set of dress and belt
We also found (after searching some time^^°) the Donki in Ueno.
There is a giant saltwater aquarium in the entrance.

I bought some things at Donki.
Seperate bottom lashes, another pair of loose socks, a school cardy and a school bag.

Michi was searching for big bento boxes. So we went to a special street full of household goods and cooking equipment.
She bought special pans and bento equipment and bowls and so on.... but we didn't find a big bento box.

bye bye gals <3
~chu ^o^


Rukipe said...

Sehr süßes Outfit :)
Mir gefallen vor allem deine Haare! <3

Lau said...

danke.... aber die Haare gefielen mir an dem Tag überhaupt nicht -.-°
Die sind im Laufe des Tages zusammengesackt ...XP