Sep 14, 2012

Day 15 - Golden Bomber at "Rainbow-Ongaku Higetachi 2012"

Hello everybody ^^

The 25th of August was the long-awaited day of our journey! 
Our favourite band Golden Bomber had a live at the festival "Ongaku Higetachi 2012 - Rainbow" in Nagaoka. 
It was the only live of Golden Bomber during our stay in Japan. So, our one and only chance to see them live!
Our friend Aya got the tickets and the shinkansen tickets for us <3 <3 <3 And she also accompanied Kiki and me on the festival!
Aya-chan, you are the best!!!! <3

When we arrived at Nagaoka with the Shinkansen, we had to take a taxi because we missed the express bus to the festival area.
We had a very talkative but strange taxi driver.....

We were super happy when we arrived in time and even had some time for a cigarette and the quiet before the storm. ^^°

the festival area and you can see the stage in the background
crowds of people
Golden Bomber had their performance at 4pm. So when the previous singer started, we also went to the stage to get a good place! Shoving throuth the crowd we go a place ca. 15meters avay from the stage.
the black cross marks almost our standing place
And from now on I can't show you photos because it was forbidden to take photos and to be honest, I had no space and no thoughts for photos ^^°
I love to be on concerts <3 For me it's ok to stand squashed in the crowd and to feel the heat and the sweat! That belongs to a concert for me ^o^
And it was very very hot!!!

But the hottest thing were the boys *o* Oh my fucking god ♥_____♥ they looked so damn good and I could not believe that they were standing right in front of me... just some meters away on the stage o.O
This is what Kirisho was looking like (it's his own photo ^^°)

He was wearing silver sneakers, tight black trousers, this white patterned T-shirt and sometimes black gloves. I could only watch at him ♥_____♥ I had no eyes for the others ~haha only sometimes XD

They appeared on the stage with rollerskates/in-line skates and the full protection equipment ~haha
Their first song was Yowasete Mojito and they also played Mata kimi ni bango wo kikenakatta, Daikishimete Schwarz, Dokugo Onna, Earphone, their new song Ice Box, some other songs wich I chant remember right now and of course Memeshikute as the last song!

Japanese fans are so crazy... they knew every dance of every song -.-° I could only keep up in some of the songs ^^.... it degenerated to para-para somehow....
We also saw some cosplayers (most often Kenji-Cosplayers).

But back to the performance. I loved it how everyone introduced himself <3 Kiryuuin Shou with his obligatory "Kiss meeeeee" and Kyan Yutaka told us something about his cooking abilities (Aya translated for us), Darvish Kenji told us that he is a Samurai or something and Utahiroba Jun had his special introduction while the audience was sreaming Utahiroba. It was like blahblah Utahiroba blahblah Utahiroba blahblah Utahiroba... and so on ^^

Yutaka was doing the complete program of his strange behaviors. Cabbage hacking, cabbage eating attack with mayonaise, have a shower and washing hair on stage, destroying décor and so on ....~haha
... he was even more nacked than Kenji the whole performance o.O....

They were one hour on stage and the time was running too fast Q______Q But I'm so happy that I saw them live ♥ ♥ ♥

My dress and my Tamiya T-shirt that I used as a towel were completely wet afterwards!!! But it was worth it!!! 
trying to save the rest of my makeup ^^°
later on we wanted to buy some fan items ^^
 A lot of things were already sold out but I bought a tour shirt and a plastic bag. And everyone got a card for free. I was lucky ^o^ I got  a card of Shou

 By the way, the official T-shirts of the festival looked a lot like Tamiya T-Shirts o.O.... here you can see Shou wearing one of them.

 Then we said bye bye to the festival area! We had to get our Shinkansen back!

sitting sweaty and wet in an air-conditioned Shinkansen isn't very nice.... we were freezing!!!
bye bye
 That's it ^^°
I hope not to bore you too much with my Golden Bomber  stuff ^^°....
bye bye~chu <3


Rukipe said...

ahhh, du hast mich gefunden!! Und somit hab ich dich endlich wiedergefunden :D
Und was sehe ich gleich als erstes in deinem blog...GOLDEN BOMBER KONZERT?!! omg ich bin SO neidisch ;^; die Jungs sind so toll <3 wäre ich auch gern dabei gewesen >o<

Du hast viele hübsche Fotos in deinem Blog und auch sonst gefällt er mir sehr gut :D *leserin werd*

Lau said...

@Rukipe jaaaaaa, ich hab euch alle erst jetzt gefunden, da ich nicht gecheckt habe, dass mir schon einige folgen und ich aber den Zettel mit euren Namen und blogs nicht mehr gefunden habe ^^°... lag in einer Zeitschrift...

danköööö XD
jaaaa Golden Bomber <3 <3 <3

Anonymous said...

Surely a perfect piece of writing! We've book marked it and sent it out to all of my friends since I know they'll be intrigued, thank you very much!