Sep 5, 2012

Day 12 - Harajuku

Hello gals ^o^
I continue with my report!

The next day in the afternoon we met with Aya-chan in Harajuku.

my outfit <3
we met at Jingu Bashi (bridge) next to Harajuku station
We started our tour at the Takeshita doori and our first stop was at a star cards and posters shop!
At the entrance some posters of Golden Bomber caught our attention ^.^
We found a gachapon mashine with Golden Bomber keychains and also posters, cards, photos, stickers and even a watch of Golden Bomber  ~haha~ so funny

Lucky me! I directly got a keychain of Kirisho <3 <3 <3 Michi was also lucky and got a keychain of her favourite Kenji! Only Kiki had no luck..... no Yutaka came out of the mashine Q_____Q
my other gets (the mirror was a mistake.... Kiki wanted to have this one with Yutaka.... but they packed the wrong one...with Kirisho... so Kiki gave it to me ^^°...poor Kiki Q___Q)

We were continuing our walk through Takeshita doori.
At Liz Lisa a special super sale was going on *o*

The shop staff was shouting out loud about that super sale! 
I participated!
All the girls were clustering around a table. One of the shop staff girls was throwing lots of garments on the table. Each garment for 1900Yen. Onepieces 2900Yen. Veryyyyyyy cheeeeeeap *____*
You had to catch the garments that you could get. It was like a fight for the garments ~haha
Aya-chan was a big help!!! She caught the garments she could get for me and I could choose for the best ones <3 Thank you Aya!!!!!!!

I spend 13.000Yen at this shop! But it's a super price for two onepieces, two skirts, one pair of bloomers and one blouse! I love Liz Lisa! <3
watch this prize tag of the brown onepiece *o*
We also visited Bodyline! I just bought a school bow.

The next shop I badly wanted to visit, was "Kinji used clothing". It's a big second hand store in Harajuku. You get everything there for every style. And everything very cheap! Around 700Yen to 1900Yen most of the garments.

I bought this skirt
Kiki and the others were waiting outside ^^°
Afterwards Aya showed us some other streets of Harajuku.
And I found the 6%Dokidoki shop *o*
The shop is very famous for its super colourfull and kitschy items and for the super crazy styled shop staff! But it's no gal label at all!!!
upstairs the pink part of the house
I bought the famous logo as a necklace
and asked for a photo with shop girl Vani <3

We also visited the Nadia shop! I liked some of the crazy items but now it was enough of shopping >___<°

We had to walk the Takeshita doori again because Michi had to change an item at the star shop.

 I tried again to get a Yutaka keychain out of the GB gachapon machine for Kiki... but I just got Shou again and Kenji and Jun...^^° sorry Kiki ....

Don't cry Kiki Q____Q
In a small but super cozy restaurant we ate something. Aya, Kiki and Michi had Yakisoba and I tried Ramen for the first time! Suuuuuuper delicious <3 <3 <3

The Laforet Harajuku was already closed so we went into an family restaurant.

view from the balkony of the restaurant.
we had an "all you can drink" offer
OMG... I bought too much that day >.<°.... But I loooooooove Harajuku for shopping so much! In some cases I even like it more than Shibuya 109....

bye bye ~ chu <3


Sasu said...

könntest du bitte aufhören mir todeslust nach shoppen und..generell..bla XD zu machen!!
Herzlichsten dank xD

ich mag deine outfits bzw immer sehr *_*..und..generell ja alles xD aber..das sagte ich schon

Chia said...

That envy! I also like to go to Japan!

Jenny ♥ said...

total tolles Outfit und die Sachen ;__; neid!

Lau said...

@ Sasu

thank you for the comments ^^° I'm super sorry to make you jealous... Q______Q that's not what I wanted... >.<°.... hope you forgive me!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Where exactly is the Kinji store located? c:

Lau said...

"Kinji used clothing" is not easy to find...
It's over the way of Laforet Harajuku across the street and a little bit left.... but it's hidden behind a house and you have to go downstairs!
Good luck!